Fab is a Renaissance Woman. She moved from France to the US 20 years ago. A former biochemist, an internationally collected bronze sculptor, and the mother of two, she became after her divorce a certified Core Energy Coach and Hypnotherapist inspiring strong women and brave men all over the world to thrive after life transitions.

She is the author of Renaissance Woman: A Feminine Midlife Crisis from Loss of Identity to Rebirth and the speaker to many events from Weight Watchers Appreciation Day to The Great Love Debate. Fab has been recognized as one of the best Life Coach and Relationship Coach in the Bay Area.

Today, FabYOUlicious empowers strong women and brave men:

You may not be able to  change the past but you are the sculptor of your own future.
- Fabienne Slama

  • to find clarity about who they are and what they want,
  • to let go of heartbreaks and blocks from the past
  • to manifest the future they desire on a professional and personal level.



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