Turning 50

Help!!!! I’m turning 50. I want to hide and celebrate at the same time. I never thought it would happen. 50 was a number for my parents and older people but not for me but guess what happened. Time flies and here I am, with a cake too small to fit the candles.

If you also are turning 50 or 40 or 60, who cares? Here are 50 things I learned over the years in no particular order.

  1. Breathe - The secret to a long life: Just keep breathing
  2. Smile - It makes you happier and others around you too
  3. Lost - When you feel lost and confused, just keep swimming
  4. Emotions – Every emotion is short lived unless you resist to it (Randy Hold)
  5. Today - Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Go for it
  6. Friends – They are the family you get to choose.  Treat them well
  7. Train – You will always arrive to your destination even if you run in the opposite direction (Jesse Koren)
  8. Roller coaster – Life has its ups and down, hang in there and enjoy the ride
  9. Dance – Don’t forget to dance and to be silly once in a while
  10. Pain – Pain is inevitable suffering is optional
  11. Sadness – Don’t be sad one day more than necessary
  12. Bouncing – There is no way to be sad when bouncing on a trampoline or a ball
  13. Seduction – Someone who is attracted to you doesn’t ask your age and doesn’t care either
  14. Failing – Failure is part of success. Brush the dust and move on
  15. Relationship – Look back at any relationship. If you learned something, it was worth it
  16. Dating – There are two types of good dates, the one that brings you a good story and the one that brings you a love story
  17. Mirror – Smile at your reflection in the mirror and she will smile back
  18. Decision – Use patience to check with your intuition and once you decide, don’t be afraid
  19. Laughing – The best remedy against … anything
  20. Relax – Nothing is really under control … let it go and relax
  21. Ducks – The problem with trying to get your ducks in a row, is there is always one running away
  22. Light – Instead of looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, take the light and look inside that tunnel
  23. Universe – Watch out for what you ask to the Universe or to God, you might receive it
  24. Lessons – You don’t have to always learn your lessons the hard way, just ask for a smoother version
  25. Patience – Pushing things to go faster will only do one thing, make you feel frustrated
  26. Goals – Set the direction and be willing to be surprised
  27. Heartbreak – A heartbreak cannot be resolved from your head because it’s your heart that is aching, not your brain
  28. Body – Your body knows what is good for you, you just have to listen
  29. Life – Life can happen to you or for you. I chose the latter
  30. Choice – You always have a choice. Sometimes it’s between two things you don’t like, then take the less bad one
  31. Lingerie – Lingerie is the thing that no one can see and still make you feel sexy
  32. Sexy – A woman is sexy when she feels happy
  33. Strong -  You are stronger when you are not afraid of being weak
  34. Morning – Every morning, choose to manifest the best day you can imagine
  35. Exercise – That thing you don’t want to do and that you are grateful you did
  36. Diet – If it doesn’t make you smile, don’t eat it
  37. Inner-child – There is this little one inside of you who knows that you can do anything when you grow up. What are you waiting for?
  38. Intuition – Listen to it!!!!
  39. Others – Don’t let them tell you what you can or cannot do
  40. Limits – They are meant to be stretched
  41. Excitement – The difference between fear and excitement is that when you are scared you stop breathing and when you are excited you breathe deeply
  42. Fears – They can hold you back or give you the opportunity to surprise yourself
  43. Forgiveness – The most important person to forgive is yourself. Let go of what you can’t change.
  44. Gratitude – Be grateful for the smallest things. Gratitude doesn’t have to be big to mean something.
  45. Soulmate – A soulmate is this person who helps your soul grow. You don’t have to stay together for this to happen
  46. Nothing – Sometimes you don’t know what to do. In those moments, it’s important to do… nothing
  47. Peace – We all want peace but peace can sometimes feel boring. Appreciate it anyway or you might regret those peaceful moments
  48. Happiness – Every day you get to choose to be happy. Make this choice
  49. Joy – The sparkle in your eyes when you start recognizing the beauty around you
  50. Birthday – Just another moment to celebrate

Can’t wait to be 51. I have so much more to share!!!!