Tired of attracting the bad guys? Lonely?
Stop dating and fall in love!

Have you ever experienced a divorce or a bad relationship that left you lost and scared? Are you a smart, caring woman who has so much love to give but wonders why she stays alone night after night? Or the more adventurous type who summons her courage to go out only to come back with a jerk that leaves her heart-broken once again?

Either way, you are tired of being lonely, frustrated by the men out there and even though you are not yet ready to quit on love, you sometimes wonder if you should focus more on you rather than going out to another of those disappointing dates.

Fabienne is the author of Renaissance Woman: A feminine midlife crisis from loss of identity to rebirth.  She has moved on from a heartbreaking divorce in 3 months thanks to her Emotional Healing Therapy Technique and has help tens of women to do the same. She was born and raised in France and has been enjoying the American dating world for the past couple of years with a lot of success.

A 2 hour program to discover

  • The one thing you can do to make peace with your past

  • How getting clear about your value and your values is essencial before dating

  • 2 mistakes most women make leaving them stressed and feeling guilty

  • 3 secrets of a French woman to be pretty, but also feel pretty as well as … sexy

  • The number one thing that prevent you from meeting a partner who will love you the way you are and treat you the way you deserve.


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