• Intentio Health Center (map)
  • - 260 Moffett Boulevard
  • Mountain View, CA, 94043
  • United States

Tired of feeling tired? It doesn't have to be that way!
Learn how to live your life feeling energetic and youthful, and how to add more life to your years...

A presentation and Lunch with Tara Marple
Director of Nutrition at INTENTIO Professional Health & Fitness


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The secrets of a youthful vibe will no longer be a secret!  Join us for specific fitness tips, beauty routines and recipes to keep you young inside and out.
Includes a healthy lunch!

·       Foods that might be making you look + feel older

·       Exercises that are aging you inside and out

·       How to improve your skin naturally

·       My favorite delicious anti-aging foods to stock up on

·       Natural ingredients and recipes for younger looking skin

·       Effective anti-aging recipes

·       A simple natural beauty routine for younger looking skin

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