• East West Bookshop (map)
  • 324 Castro Street
  • Mountain View, CA, 94041
  • United States

Learn how to transform limiting messages into empowering ones. Discover how to let go of past trauma and write a future of abundance and self-love.

We write a “Book of Truth” during the first years of our life. This book tells us right from wrong, good from bad, and is mostly inspired by what our parents, teachers and later on peers tell us or show us. Unfortunately, this “Book of Truth” is also a “Book of Lies” informing you you’re not enough, not capable, not worthy. It tells you that speaking out can be dangerous or that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Event Details

Dates:       November 8, 2017
                  7:00 - 9:00 pm

Location:  East West Bookshop
                  324 Castro Street
                  Mountain View, CA 94040

Tickets:     $20 through November 7
                  $25 day of event

Reserve tickets by calling East-West bookshop 650-988-9800 or

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