Fear? Depression? Loneliness? Guilt? Anger? 

A 6 month program to let got learn to experience your feelings without stress and define what you want next

Let go of a past that is preventing you from living your life

A 6 month program to let got of the fear and the stress and go back on your feet to move forward in your new life. Personalized support and unlimited online support.

I want Balance

Learn to let go of the stress and the overwhelming feeling. Make clear choices to create a peaceful mind feeling

I want Passion

Find out your purpose and work toward achieving your dream life. Accept the things you cannot change and change those you can.

I want Love

Go through every steps that will help you attract a partner who love you the way you are and will be there for you

I want it all

A 6 month program to know your values, recognize your value, feel strong, powerful, peaceful and unstoppable at home and at work

This 6 month program is for you and includes:

  • 2 emotional energy assessments (at the begining and at the end of the program)
  • 12 sessions of one on one coaching of 60 minute each (first session is 90 minute to allow for information intake)
  • 2-3 meditations designed for you according to your particular need
  • Access to weekly emergency clinic
  • 3 emergency 30 minute sessions
  • Access to a very private facebook group
  • unlimited emails
  • and more...