What is coaching?

FabYOUlicious follow the principles of Core Energy Coaching. It is a collaboration between the client and the coach where the coach helps the client to manage and ultimately thrive in the face of change. A Core energy coach challenges people to recognize what they really want, focus on this goal and break through what is holding them back from their success.

My own definition of coaching is that it is a partnership between the client and myself to allow the client to accept his past, look at his present, define his aspirations and goals in life and use this information and coaching technique to help the client create the best future he can envision.

My goal is to help you bring out your best potential as an individual, as part of a relationship, as a member of your family and at work. It is to help you change emotionally to find what your inner purpose and passion is, you perfect self, and find the strategies to get sustainable results toward this goal.

Obviously everything stays confidential between the coach and his client.

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Is coaching for you?

Is coaching for you? To know more give yourself 1-10 Points for each statement. From 1 point, I don't agree to 10 point I fully agree. 

I am ready to have balance in my life.
I am ready to learn about myself in order to grow.
I am ready to improve my relationships.
I am ready to make change in my life.
I am ready to discover my life’s purpose.
I am ready to learn new way to approach obstacles in my life.
I am ready to have more creativity and enjoyment in my life.
I am ready to produce goals and take action to achieve them.
I am ready to realize a sense of fulfillment at work and in my life.
I am ready to benefit from someone who will motivate me to be the person I can be.

Less than 25 points
Wonderful! You have it all going on! A Coach may not be for you at this time.

25-50 points
You are almost there, you just need a boost! Coaching could help you see things in a different view and can help you develop a plan customized to you, designed to encourage balance in both your personal and business adventures.

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More than 50 points
Congratulations! You are ready and willing to create the life in which you desire! Please take a moment to contact us for a complimentary introductory coaching session to find out first hand what coaching can do for you. You can check us out for free, so what are you waiting for?


Emotional Healing therapy is the name I gave to a combination of techniques, from regression hypnotherapy to coaching, from EFT (Emotional freedom technique) to the creation of your perfect affirmation, from mediation to defining your identity as a human being.

My teachers in the  regression hypnotherapy  field are Matt Sinson, Randy Shaw and Randy Hold. I also became a Transition coach through the iPEC core energy program to help people in their journey to their full potential. Emotional Healing Therapy (EHT) allows the client work at the subconscious level, the feeling mind. The Core Energy Coaching allows the client to work at the conscious level, the thinking mind. Together those techniques help my clients first over regain control over their life. It helps them release the emotion linked to present traumas but also from past traumas, from early childhood to present.  

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