You are aT Choice

Every day my clients come to me with words like fear, sadness, anger or confusion. 

The feeling you experience is the combination of what you experience (the fact) and the interpretation of this experience

  • Most of the time you cannot change the facts or the situation. If you can, do. Then things will get better. 
  • If you cannot change the situation or the facts, then you need to change the way you react or interpret it.

Here are few videos on how to respond to fear, anger and anxiety

How to respond to Fear and Confusion? By Stopping!

As you are going through a heartbreak or a breakup, you are probably experiencing a lot of mixed feelings are entering your universe. One of the feeling all of my client describe is this feeling of confusion and of fear of the unknown. What's next? What is right, what is wrong? Why? How?

Stop the chatter in your head and find peace by stopping even for few minutes. 

In this video, I will show you how to relax your brain for few seconds, few minutes or hopefully for more.

To response to Sadness you have to Accept, Admire and Acknowledge

When a heartbreak, a breakup or the let go of the past makes you feel deeply sad, there is not a lot you can do. It's in those moments, that you have to collect the little energy you have and go back to the very basic principle of gratitude.

Gratitude comes will Accepting the way you feel, Admiring simple beauty and Acknowledging that there are simple smiles to find even in the darkest moments.

In this video, I will show you a simple insight on how to insert a pocket of joy in your day. 

When you Feel Mad, the Best Option is Move

The line between Love and Hate is such a fuzzy one when it comes to heartbreak, breakup or divorce. The effects of those feelings are extremely different. Love creates space, energy, breath while hate creates anger, frustration and contraction in your all body. 

Over time, those feelings trapped in your body produce free radicals that will impact your mental but also your physical health. 

In this video, I will show how to let go of the anger and feel more in control.