Stress - What it is and what is not? How to deal with it?

Stress!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
We all experience it and it can be a great motivator or it ruin your life. How even you experience stress, wouldn't it be better if you could address it without having to drink 3 glasses of wine of more (even though wine can be enjoyable sometimes)

During this workshop you will learn:
- what is stress and it is not
- the one question should ask yourself each time you experience stress
- the 3 most efficient tool to get rid or at least limit your stress level especially as you approach holiday season


I Want to Be Rich 🌟 One Session Miracle

Joanna came to me to manifest more money in her life. She had been working as a therapist in Los Angeles for over 12 years and was making a monthly income of five to eight thousand dollars. Nothing to be ashamed of, but definitely not enough to live the lifestyle she wanted in California. Joanna was a hard worker and an extremely competent and talented therapist. Obviously, she had been through psychoanalysis and knew a lot about her past but couldn’t find any obvious block.

During our first session, I let her express her desire for more money in her life and listened attentively to her. I immediately noticed a little hesitation in her voice and asked her to continue talking with her eyes closed as it is the easiest way to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious.

At some point she said I want more abundance and I really sensed the hesitation becoming more intense, so I asked her to repeat few statements after me. When we landed on I want to be rich. The words stayed stuck in her throat, indicating an obvious dissonance between her logical and her emotional brain.


I asked her subconscious to bring back to the surface the reason of that block and suddenly a forgotten memory came back to the surface. The memory of her hiding under the kitchen table while her Mom was cooking.

In that particular scene, her Dad was present and fighting with her Mom. Once again they would not have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month and Dad was extremely upset. Terrible words came from his mouth. I don’t get it! We are good people working so hard and we never have enough. We do our best while rich people take advantage of us. They are xxx…Just about being rich and making more money, never about helping others…

Joanna was 4 years old and seeing her Dad so upset and her Mom crying triggered something in her. Something she could only understand from the point of view of a 4 year old. What she got was simple: Rich people are mean, Poor people work hard and are good like my Mommy and my Daddy. Subconsciously, she decided to become a good person, including carrying this belief for the next 35 years. And as a 40 years old, it was still true for her.

Creating a dialog between her adult self and her 4 year old self was enough to change the belief. She actually admitted that becoming rich would allow her to become a better person by allowing her to help others.

The following month, she manifested more clients than ever and had her first $10000 month ever. Following month, she made $15000 and gave some of that money to charity. Few years later, she is the owner of a new house and a generous contributor to her community.



Forgiveness is NOT to accepting your abuser’s action. It is NOT to give them a free pass. It is NOT to blame yourself for being hurt by what they did to you.

Forgiveness IS to accept that whatever pain your abuser have cause, their consciousness and evolution was such that in that moment they couldn’t do better.

Forgiveness IS to acknowledge that at some point you won’t change that happened and it would feel so much better to free yourself from it.

Forgiveness IS to love yourself more than you hate the other.

Forgiveness IS Self Love

Forgiveness IS Courage

Forgiveness IS Freedom

Forgiveness starts with you.

Just for Today, I Trust


Just for today,
I am Free

Just for today I trust.

I trust myself to learn.
I trust my heart to love.
I trust the universe to be a benevolent one and bring the best possibilities my way.

Just For today I am.
I exist. I create. I write.

No agenda. No desire.
What if it was that easy?
It feels so free.

Just having fun with the pen against the paper. Careless, still knowing the power of the words flowing from my heart to the open

How I survived a narcissist mother and how you can do it too

It was my wedding day. The ceremony was nice and emotional but, as soon as we arrived at the reception, I knew something was off. I was sitting next to my new husband when my mom walked up to me, flowers in hand …dressed up as a clown. She had organized a play and at this instant she became the center of attention at my own wedding. She wanted to do “something special for me”…

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You are the Sculptor of your Life

"I sculpt beautiful, voluptuous, fierce women. My raw material is emotion, my medium is bronze." 

"So Fashion" -    Sassy Lady collection

"So Fashion" - Sassy Lady collection

This is the first sentence of my biography as internationally collected bronze sculptor. Since 1999, I've put "femininity into three dimensions, capturing the power, glamor, beauty and vulnerability of the female form in bold yet sensuous bronze. My work represents some of the powerful and fierce women. Those who could be seen in fashion magazines or in daily life: entrepreneurs, businesswomen, mothers and spouses who need to fit in so many different roles that they forget their own self."

My raw material has always been emotion but for the past six years, I have changed medium from clay, concrete and bonze to pure human potential.


Seeing a woman (or a man) going through a challenging time feels little bit like being faced with a pack of clay: a block of raw material, knowing there is a gem, the essence of fabulousness hidden in its core. I see the potential. I know it's here. But sometimes knowing it is not enough.
When working with clay, I am the artist. When I work with you, you are the master revealing your inner magic power. You are the one uncovering your inner light and expressing your potential. I'm just here to witness this marvelous self expression and help you in this journey.

Here are the steps you will have to take to reveal who you are and manifest what you want.

  1. Remove what doesn't serve
    Creating a sculpture starts with removing the excess of material. When you work on yourself, you start the same way: remove the blocks, the limitations, the doubts and anxiety. Let go of the hurts and limiting beliefs.

  2. Create structure
    As the sculpture emerge it expends in every direction. As you emerge, you stretch out, you try new ideas and challenge yourself. You need an armature to not fall down. When working with clay, sticks and pieces of wood will suffice. Working with your soul, the armature is made of values, affirmations and visualization of the direction you want to take.

  3. Take chances
    Try a gesture or another one until you find the one that speak to your soul. In human equivalent, this step is about trying new ideas, getting out of your comfort zone.

  4. Discover your true potential
    As the sculpture emerge, a line will catch my eye and I will work on it increasing it or diminishing it to create an harmonious pattern. This is your chance to actually work on your own patterns. What are they? Do they support you or limit you? Which part of you do you want to strengthen and which part should you let go of

  5. Grow in balance and harmony
    In art like in life, beauty resides in balance. As you are reaching for your true potential, what is important for you. What would you like more of, and how can you prioritize that without forgetting about the other part of your life?

  6. Play with the light
    A sculpture beauty resides in the impression it makes. In order to create and impression and have an impact on this planet, you have to be seen. Light, lines, planes, deep cuts, this is your time to express yourself and show to the word who you really are.

  7. Polish and finish
    Smooth or rough, it all depend on the piece and the effect I want it to have. This is the time for the last finishing touch. Let's put some color and go out in the word. What is Your role in this society? What is Your magic about? How will You impact this planet?

  8. This is your time to shine
    Whether you will finish in a museum recognized as a masterpiece or creating change in a smaller scale just around you, this is your time. You are the sculptor of your life. Go out and live it.

Are you ready to create some art? Are you ready to manifest your life? To be the YOU you are supposed to be? I can't wait to see you. You are the master of your destiny.

And if you need some guidance, reach out for help.

Schedule some time to talk.

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Joy after Heartbreak - Divorce support group

Sunday March 11 - 6 to 8pm

Sunday evening and you are feeling alone?
You're going through a rough patch, a divorce or a breakup and you would like some guidance? How about joining us for a happiness circle. A sacred, caring and peaceful and respectful space where we are here for each other and to learn tools to get back on our feet faster.

Let's meet every second Sunday of the month. :)

The happiness circle will have a monthly theme based on a tool that will help you move faster after a heartbreak. We will share story but also tools.

Five years to reclaim ME

I received my new passport: Fabienne S. Slama. I don’t really like the photo but after all, I never liked my passport photos. This is such an exciting moment and I want to celebrate.

Five years ago, I went through divorce after a twenty-year marriage. From the age of 24 to the age of 44 I had become Fabienne S. Bismuth, using my husband’s name as it is the tradition in many family. I took that name with joy. I took that name with honor. I took that name entirely and fully so much so that on top of leaving my last name, I let go of my identity. I didn’t notice it at first: I was in love. I was okay with it: that was the way to show I was married to my husband. But after few years I noticed that I didn’t exist anymore. Little by little I had become my husband’s wife and my kids’ mom. Me didn’t exist anymore.

How many women make the same choice? I know we have made a lot of progress in today society, still many of us let go of their career, of their passion and in many ways of their identity to support the one they live with. “Behind each good man, there is a great woman” is often true and most of the time behind each successful man, there is a woman who chose to make herself second to support her family.

My divorce was painful and scary. I had to relearn to support myself financially. More importantly, I had to relearn to support myself emotionally and learn to live on my own again.

I was blessed to have the tools I had that allowed me back on my feet emotionally in less than a year. In my book “Renaissance woman”, I explain that the beginning in a transition is The End.

The first year of my journey was The End of Fabienne Bismuth, the end of my life as a married woman and the end of the shy, dependent, scared woman I had become of the years


The second year I entered The Limbo phase. At first it was an exhilarating moment of fun and join where I tried to find my new self. I started dating again and I have to admit I had a lot of fun and new experiences. During that year, I traveled a lot, I jumped form an airplane to show to myself I was not scared anymore and I challenged my values to see who I wanted to be.

I only started to calm down during my third year after a terrible heartbreak. I had fallen in love and I had recreated the exact same pattern. I let myself disappear for a man. I had gone against who I wanted to be just to be with him. We had an amazing time together but all my life started to evolve according to his needs again. The problem during the Limbo phase is that you tend to recreate your old pattern. Finally, we broke up and I was lucky to find a man who showed me I could be loved being fully me. I will be eternally grateful for this man. Even though we didn’t stay together he gave me the best gift of love: the certitude that I am perfect the way I am and that I deserve to be here. 

Year four was about reconstruction and reclaiming the warrior part of me. I went from Fabienne to Fab, to Dr. Fab recognizing the diploma I never really used and stepping into my power as a business owner, empowering women and men to let go of limiting beliefs to live their best life. That year was all about business and rebuilding the new me. It was also about defining what I really wanted in a relationship and be fully okay on my own.

As I’m entering year five. I reclaim my full identity, the one I was born with. I am Fabienne Sophie Allegra Slama. A woman with her doubt and her strength. A perfectly imperfect human being who can move mountains an instant and cry in her car the next one. Someone who is not afraid to feel her feelings because she knows they are all worthy of being heard. Five years to be reborn. Five years to be totally fine being me.

I look at my brand-new passport. I’m not sure I love the photo but after all who really love their passport photo. I don’t care, I love the woman in this photo and I’m ready to claim me 2.0. Now let’s use this passport and visit the world.