Divorce: from falling down to moving on...

Yesterday, I finished writing the first draft of my book. The tittle: Divorce from falling down to moving on... Subtitle: I know I did it in 3 months. 

Six month ago I enter the world of singles. It has been a very interesting journey to say the least. I heard every advice or words of comfort there is: Don’t worry you will get better. It will just take 2 or 3 years, you will see your will find someone else. Come on guys, I was married for 20 years, how could I imagine after a couple of weeks that I would be able to move on? I just couldn’t. But slowly but surely I started standing back up and then putting one foot in front of the other. And no, it didn’t take me 2 or 3 years but actually more 2 or 3 months. Why, because I did this work I am offering today to my clients. I learned to listen to my feelings. I let them express themselves. And yes I cried. I cried a lot actually but this dark time didn’t last months or years. It lasted weeks.

I am working with a new client who just went to the similar heartbreak experience and as we were talking today, she said: I can’t believe how slow the days go by. Can you imagine I am not crying so much anymore and it’s only been 3 weeks?

Yes 3 weeks to stand up again and start getting her life back into her own hands. I am so proud of her. She is leaning to smile again. She we will learn that she is perfect the way she is.

With kindness,