I love and respect myself

Today, I coached one of my client in France for 3 hours. Yes we took a break for lunch and to go to the bathroom, but after those three hours he had created a Perfect affirmation for himself. It started by "I am strong, confident and I do what I want" and ended by "I love and respect myself". To get there we had to travel through present struggles, guilty feelings and painful childhood memory but after all that work on himself he had 1 perfect affirmation, 6 main benefits that he could identify in his life because he believed in his affirmation and each of those benefits were implying 3 sub benefits. That's a total of 18 wishes you could ask the "genie in the lamp" or your "gardian angel" if you could find him/her inside of you. 

How would you feel if you could define the 18 things that are the most important for you in your life today? 

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