Teach your children well

Saturday morning, enjoying a wonderful breakfast at café Boronne in Menlo Park. The weather is gorgeous and little kids walk on the little wall surrounding the fountain. One of the youngest one is with his Mom simply playing on the wall creating an obstacle for the other kids to go around.

A cute little blond guy arrives by this obstacle. He wonders: “What am I going to do to go around?”. He is only two so he looks up to his dad. His dad takes him in his arms and says: “Time to fly buddy!” and he takes him around swiveling and laughing. This obstacle became the best part of the circle.

Just behind him is a brown hair boy, absolutely as cute as the first one and he is faced with the same problem. Being two, he looks up to his dad, but the dad is caught up in his own thoughts and don’t even pay attention to his son struggle. So the little guy becomes anxious, nervous, look at the water in one side and at the ground on the other side. He looks at the obstacle and starts to cry. The dad picks him up, upset and goes back to his thoughts.

Every little boy should learn from their dad or their mom that you can fly around any obstacle in life. Teach you children well, they will it give back to you.