Sassy Ladies

As a lot of you know. I am an artist: a sculptor to be exact. Here is my most recent piece. She is part of my "Sassy ladies" series and she is shown this weekend and next in my studio in Palo Alto. For detail go here to my art website.

"I am" is a piece I started 4 month ago when I went back to my studio for the first time after 3 month. I am this woman who got paralyzed by fear when her world suddenly collapsed. I am the one who could not eat, who could not sleep, who could not move, who could not think, who could not breathe. I am the one who decided she will need to get help to stand back on her feet. I am the one who is blessed with so many friends.

I am the one standing here today in front of you, few months after everything I believed in disappeared: stronger, happier, sassier than ever. I am alive.


Who are the Sassy Ladies?

The Sassy Ladies are first and foremost Ladies. They are beautiful inside and out. They take care of themselves. They look at themselves in the mirror and are proud of who they see.

They don’t have it all, of maybe they do. They just live fully every day. They work hard at becoming who they want to be.

Yes they are women. Yes they are Sassy. They are proud of their feminity. They are fun and like to smile. They will give you the love you deserve as long as you love them back the same way.

They are successful.

They are sensuous.

They are sensitive.

They are sassy ladies.