Happy Passover

What does it mean to celebrate the Holidays when your family is all over the world?

It means dancing while cooking a meal that you may have to eat by yourself simply because it’s more fun that way.

It means crying because you are not with the ones you love.

It means calling them just to hear for few minutes the songs you grew up with.

It means celebrating in your head 9 hours ahead because there it a 9 hours time difference between France and California.

It means cooking a little extra that you will share with a loved one who stepped away from your life, just because after all he is still family.

It means knowing that your son will think of you even if he lives far away because you know that’s the way he is.

It means that tonight I will celebrate with at least 60 other friends who are all expatriated like me

It means singing and smiling because I know I have those friends, and other ones who I get to call or text or email too.

Simply because they are my friends.

Simply because I love them and they love me.


Simply because today is an Holiday and I get to celebrate with so many people I care about and I get to think about all the one I can’t see but who are in my heart. Always.

With love.

Happy Passover!!