Just keep swimming

Sometimes I feel just tired to be strong. Sometimes I just want to sit and cry on my own problems. Yes I am a coach and yes I am a strong, sassy, beautiful woman. But that doesn’t make me impervious to sadness or anger. I am like you and you and you. I can cry, I can feel not enough. I can forget everything about abundance and life happening for me. I can just feel miserable and want to crawl back in my bed until a better time. Yes, I admit, I am human. And it’s okay. It’s okay to feel sad and angry. It is okay to cry or to feel not good enough. It’s okay to just be in a bad moment when everything looks gloomy. Being strong doesn’t make me a superwoman. Being strong is also about having those bad days as part of my registry of life and be certain deep inside that there will also be good days. I promise myself that will enjoy those good days even more because I know how precious they are. I will celebrate them because I know that they will be what make me keep my smile even when events are not happening the way I wish they did. I accept that life is not always perfect. I am not always strong and that I don’t have to be. Being imperfect is what makes me a perfect human being. A weak, vulnerable, emotional human being who in this down times has just one goal: stay a little bit at the bottom to collect myself and then swim right back up to the surface. Because likes Dory said: Just keep swimming… and put a smile on your face. It will get better.