What made you smile today?

8 am, Saturday morning. The sky is gray and even though a part of me wanted to stay in bed this morning I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and my bed, to hop on a bike and ride to my favorite breakfast place. It's called Voyageur du temps (Time traveller) in Los Altos, CA and yes each time I go there I travel back to the time when I could sit on a terrace on the streets of Paris and enjoy a coffee, a croissant or any food of my choice.

You all heard about the French paradox: How can French women eat what they want and never get fat? First of all, let me tell you, this is a total myth, French women struggle with their weight like any body else. But it's beyond the point. One of the first things I heard here is that Food is Fuel and you should not eat more than what you need to fuel your body. Are you kidding me??? Healthy food is good. It is nutrients. It is what nourishes your body. It is what makes it works the way it should. It is pleasure. It is "gourmandise", something that makes you smile because it's so good. It is time with friends and family or simply a time by yourself relaxing and enjoying every bite.

Food is about mindfulness, about enjoying those nutrients, those moments with your loved ones.  Happiness is a goal to thrive for. Happiness is also every single moment when you pay attention to the fact that you ARE happy, that you enjoy a simple moment. Happiness comes also being mindful and grateful for all the simple beautiful things in life. Good food, food that makes you smile, in a beautiful setting are one of them.

Today a great mindful breakfast made me smile. What made you smile today?

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