Your brain might be lying to you

Did you know that every single second your conscious brain (logical thinking) processes an average of 6 bit of information? It’s a lot! Of course, your brain is this amazing machine that helps you think.

  • Conscious brain:
     6 bit/sec average

  • Subconscious brain: 30 M bit/sec

Wait!!!! During that same second, your subconscious brain (survival and emotional thinking): processes between 20 and 44 million bits of information. Yes, you read correctly, millions of connections, millions of thoughts, comparisons to what you experienced so far. During that second, your brain does all this work to keep you alive: remind your lungs to breathe, your heart to beat, your body to stand up or lay down… It also let you know if you are safe or not. If you should hide, run away. If you experienced a situation that was similar and what you decided from that past experience.

What happen is your subconscious brain send you the wrong message, telling you you’re in danger when you are not?


This was the case of one of my early client Martha*. Martha didn’t like water. She could force herself to drink water but each time she did, she felt nauseated. There are many tools allowing you to go back into your subconscious and we used regression hypnosis to go back to the moment that feeling was created. We brought back to the surface a memory of 4-year-old Martha who saw one of her cousins drown in her grandmother’s pool. The way her parents explained to her what happen was: “cousin Patrick fell in the pool and drank too much water and he died.” That vision was very traumatic for a little girl and the explanation offered by her parent created a belief water=danger. Fifty years later, her inner child was still keeping her safe by preventing her from drinking water. This was a belief that was so strong that her subconscious mind didn’t want to give it up.  We created an agreement that in order for her to drink water she had to add a slice of lemon in it. Few month later, the phobia is totally gone.

What are you afraid of? Most of specific phobias can be addressed in two to three sessions and once they are addressed from the subconscious brain, you create a shift that will last forever.

Do you experience a phobia, challenge or block you would like to get rid of?
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The same tools can be used to address any limited belief or block but I will tell you more about it in our December newsletter.

* Martha's name was changed for confidentiality purpose