Insights from the bottom of my bed

OMG!!! I’m not wonder woman. And if you are reading this, it’s probably because you’re not superman or woman either. When everything goes well, we have this tendency to feel invincible…but then something happens and we get stuck. For me, like for many of you, in the beginning of 2018, it was the flu. What was it for you? A cold, sinus infection, stomach bug…. One day, everything was great, maybe I was not 100%, but good enough! And the next day I was lying in my bed with zero energy and a fever tot high to function. After two weeks feeling sorry for myself, I finally feel good enough to reflect about what the gift was in that.

1-    Be grateful

I’m grateful for my health. I’m grateful that my body is strong enough to recover from a virus in only two weeks. I’m grateful I was able to see a doctor and even though the only message she gave me was: “you have the flu, stay in bed, drink and wait,” I’m grateful for modern medicine and being born at an age and time when most of us don’t die from the flu.

Positivity, attracts positivity.

2-    You are blessed
If, like me, the only health problem you suffer from is the flu or a cold, you are blessed. This was a reminder that I often take my health for granted, when it fact, being healthy is such an amazing gift that I should celebrate it every single day. This was a reminder that I should celebrate being healthy every single day.

Don’t take your health for granted. Celebrate even the obvious.

3-    Your body is an amazing machine
Time to realize how wonderful your body is. A virus comes in and right away, your whole system does exactly what it is supposed to do in order for you to feel better as soon as possible. The fever, the sneezing, the coughing are all ways your body is protecting you and doing what it needs to do for you to go back to a healthy state.

Your body works toward health.

4-    Be patient
This is a tough one for me. I needed to accept there was nothing I could do but rest and wait to be better. Sometimes, there is nothing to be done. Accepting the need to rest was a challenge. I had articles to write, workshops to organize, clients to take care of. But it was one of those moments I had to accept doing nothing, and fighting it was only delaying the recovery time. In this society where we always try to do and control everything, this was a reminder that sometimes you just have to wait.

Accept that sometimes you just have to wait

5-    Go back to the very basics
Water, fresh air and simple food. Being sick is not a time to be fancy. It’s the time to listen to your body. Drink a lot of water. Even if you can’t go outside, crack that window open and breathe some fresh air. Eat simple food: a bowl of rice, a piece of fruit, some steamed vegetables.

Listen to your body

6-    You can ask for help
This is the time to ask for help. I know you are strong but if there is a time for you to call your friends, it is now. They will be happy to help, to bring you some chicken soup or go grab some groceries for you. After all, when you help someone, you feel good about yourself. Don’t be selfish, let others help you.

It’s okay to be vulnerable

7-    Give back

This means that if one of your friend is reaching out to get your help, you should be there for them. Like the song says: “Lean on me when you’re not strong. You’ll never know when you need someone to lean on.” Even if you’re are sick, don’t forget to call others to check on them. As I was fighting my flu, we had our mini group of four comparing symptoms and cheering each other from the bottom of our bed.

It feels good to know you’re not alone

8-    That too shall pass. Enjoy your down time
Life is made of ups and downs. You can focus on being stuck or you can focus on knowing that you will get better. Feeling stuck sucks, we all agree on that but there are actually a lot of things you can do when you feel stuck:

-       Pamper yourself.

-       Get some sleep.

-       Catch up on that TV series you wanted to watch.

-       Do NOTHING!!!! And enjoy it.

And once you feel better, you will be able to be productive again.

 Yes, it will pass. Enjoy your low time and know that after every low, there is always a high or at least a higher. It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself, to be frustrated and then let it go.

Every emotion is short lived unless you resist it.

9-    Hang up and climb back in your wagon

Once you feel better it’s important to start getting back to normal. After few weeks of inactivity, you might feel a little bit if resistance. It’s okay. Just put things back on your calendar, one task a day, then two and three. Soon enough your schedule will be back to full and once again you will feel unstoppable.

A gentle nudge in the rear end and you will be back in no time.

 10- You are wonder woman, but even super heroes need time to rest.

Enjoy it and then go back to save the world.