A morning at the gym

This morning I went to one of my favorite class at the gym: Zumba. It is a high energy, high fun type of workout. A combination of dancing and aerobic. It always brings a smile on my face and a lot of sweat on my front head.

This instructor at our local YMCA is Ying. She is fabulous and I love to see her dance.

So today I was on my way, but there was a car driving really slow in front of me and then the light turned red just as I was about to cross the intersection. So one thing brought the next and I arrived just 2 minutes late. This class is usually packed and today was no exception, so here I am in the back of the room with very limited visibility to Ying.

My first reaction was “Darn!!! I can’t see her. It’s because of the traffic. I was late. Now I am in the back. And this room is too big. There is no way I can see better”. This is the energy of the victim. In coaching we call it Level 1.

Then I started being upset because there was this girl who arrived even later and stepped right in front of me, giving me even less visibility: “Why is she here!!! It’s not fair. I should tell her to move.” Level 2 is the level of conflict or frustration and here I was.

I am a coach so I should know better and not react that way. But I am just a human being and we all react that way sometimes. The only thing I could change was my attitude. Because the situation would not change for sure: this class was full and for good reason.

So I moved to coping: “It’s OK, I can have some room and if I move a little to the right I actually can see.” This is level 3. The first step toward an anabolic reaction.

Then the level 4 of caring appeared at the same time as this petite woman right behind me who couldn’t see a thing. I am 5’10 and she was less than 5’2. I moved again to the side to let her have some view.

At that point we were dancing all together and having fun together and there was room for everyone so I went to the peaceful feeling of reconciliation: level 5.

Having so much fun, I forgot the step but didn’t care any more and actually it was fun to do all those crazy steps. I was joyful: level 6.

At level 7. I just enjoyed every moment of this class. The music, the energy, the learning experience it brought me. I was smiling at everyone and everyone was smiling back.

I love Zumba!!! Let's dance.