A morning at the gym

This morning I went to one of my favorite class at the gym: Zumba. It is a high energy, high fun type of workout. A combination of dancing and aerobic. It always brings a smile on my face and a lot of sweat on my front head.

This instructor at our local YMCA is Ying. She is fabulous and I love to see her dance.

So today I was on my way, but there was a car driving really slow in front of me and then the light turned red just as I was about to cross the intersection. So one thing brought the next and I arrived just 2 minutes late. This class is usually packed and today was no exception, so here I am in the back of the room with very limited visibility to Ying.

My first reaction was “Darn!!! I can’t see her. It’s because of the traffic. I was late. Now I am in the back. And this room is too big. There is no way I can see better”. This is the energy of the victim. In coaching we call it Level 1.

Then I started being upset because there was this girl who arrived even later and stepped right in front of me, giving me even less visibility: “Why is she here!!! It’s not fair. I should tell her to move.” Level 2 is the level of conflict or frustration and here I was.

I am a coach so I should know better and not react that way. But I am just a human being and we all react that way sometimes. The only thing I could change was my attitude. Because the situation would not change for sure: this class was full and for good reason.

So I moved to coping: “It’s OK, I can have some room and if I move a little to the right I actually can see.” This is level 3. The first step toward an anabolic reaction.

Then the level 4 of caring appeared at the same time as this petite woman right behind me who couldn’t see a thing. I am 5’10 and she was less than 5’2. I moved again to the side to let her have some view.

At that point we were dancing all together and having fun together and there was room for everyone so I went to the peaceful feeling of reconciliation: level 5.

Having so much fun, I forgot the step but didn’t care any more and actually it was fun to do all those crazy steps. I was joyful: level 6.

At level 7. I just enjoyed every moment of this class. The music, the energy, the learning experience it brought me. I was smiling at everyone and everyone was smiling back.

I love Zumba!!! Let's dance.


Love is eternal

I am in Philadelphia visiting my son who is in college over there for the past couple of years. It's so amazing to see your baby becoming a man. I am so proud of him and of his brother.

But beyond that, yesterday we were out for diner is a great restaurant named Davios. Ok guys, if you are in Philly, you have to try this one. It’s fabulous!. Jordan told me a beautiful story and here it is.

It is about this couple that has been married for 46 years. Every year for 46 years, the husband offered his wife a bouquet of roses fro Valentines Day. The same bouquet, from the same florist, with the same note "Because I love you”. Unfortunately, the husband passed away and this first Valentines day after he died was very hard on his loving wife. When suddenly the door: here was a flower delivery. A bouquet of roses, with this simple message "Because Love is eternal". When she called the florist to find out who send out those flower they explained to her that her husband had prepaid for the same bouquet to be deliver every year for many many more years. Love is not about diamonds and gold (even if it’s nice!) but more about little special attentions and letting the other one how important for you, even when you can’t be with him or her.

So if you have someone special in your life: a spouse, a lover, a child, a parent, a friend or anyone for that matter, don’t forget to say “I love you”. It can go without saying it but it’s so much nicer when you actually say it.

With kindness,