The Yoga of Food

Food is for a lot of people a love-hate relationship. Some of my clients medicate their anger or their frustration with cookies. Some prefer cheese when they feel tired. Some even alternate sweet and salted to just find the next bite that will make them feel better. But better about what? Better about their life. Life doesn't change because you had a piece of chocolate. Better about who they are? Come on, since when eating more and becoming overweight make you feel better about your body or more energized. 

I don't say consider food as fuel. I heard this sentence once. The idea was to consider your body like a car and you don't overfill your gaz tank in order to make your car run faster or smoother. I DON'T agree with this notion. Maybe because I am French and I was raised with the love of food. Maybe because I like eating. Food is enjoyable. It is a beautiful colorful plate in front of you. It is nice aromas coming from the kitchen. It a special savor or texture discovered by your mouth. It's also a dinner talking and laughing with family and friends. It is a romantic night out where you look eye to eye. It is a quiet meal in front of TV or listening to music when what you just want is being alone.

Yes food is pleasure. It can also be medicine. Your body needs certains nutrients and if you learn to listen to your body, you will start eating when you are hungry and only the type of food you should it. And yes, that includes chocolate. Everything is about moderation, even moderation itself.

Just enjoy!


Cherries calm nerves - Grapes help with blood flow - Peach are rich in potassium - Apples increase immunity - Watermelon helps to control heart rate - Oranges give a beautiful skin - Strawberries fight against cancer and aging - Bananas give energy - Ananas burns fats - Blackberries protect the hearts - Kiwis increase bone density - Mangos protect against cancer.