Get Out of Your Box - Sculpting Your Life from the Inside Out
to Nov 24

Get Out of Your Box - Sculpting Your Life from the Inside Out

A weekend of Play , Discovery, Insights, Community and Fun

Coaching/ Hypnosis/ Art

  • Self- sabotage? Self doubt? Stress? Anxiety?

  • Are you judging or expressing love and acceptance to your perfectly imperfect human self?

  • Are you hiding behind a mask or sharing authentically the FabYOUlicious being you are?

My name is Dr. Fabienne Slama (AKA Fab) and my company is FabYOUlicious because I believe in making life, work and relationships as amazing, fabulous and delicious as possible.

For the past twenty years, I have been sculpting strong, beautiful, sensuous women . Few years ago, after my divorce, I totally reinvented myself using the tools of coaching and hypnosis to become the transformation leader I am today. In those year, I have continued sculpting but my medium changed from clay, concrete and bronze to mind, feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviors. I have helped hundred of clients to stop bullying themselves with words like I'm not good enough, I can't do it, Nobody will love me and I allowed them to become the magic perfectly imperfect being they have always been but kept hidden. Working with me, my clients allow themselves to let go of self-sabotage and use a renewed confidence to Shine their light into the world.

For the past year, the desire of putting my two passions (art and mind) together has been stronger and stronger and I have finally decided to Get Out of My Box and allow you to Get Out of Your Box too and Sculpt your life from the Inside Out.

This will be a weekend coupling Self-work with Art. Hypnosis and Sculpture. Are you ready?

Here is what we will do....

Day 1: Sculpt and explore how you see yourself and how you show up at home and work - Identify and let go blocks, toxic patterns, subconscious lies….

Day 2: Create New possibilities and see how your image evolves from that



The sculpture pieces created will be made of clay and, even though you can take them with you, their lifetime will be limited. The transformation you will experience though will last forever.

I will provide all the material needed for this workshop. You just have to come with an open mind and a desire to learn. Are you ready to get out of your box?

The event is limited to 6 participants. The exact address will be sent to you when you sign up.

Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm

No artistic talent or knowledge necessary ;-)


Dr. Fabienne Slama (Fab) has been a sculptor for the past twenty year. Her work is internationally collected. She has always been sculpting sassy, sensuous and powerful women. After getting a divorce from a 20-year marriage, she used the tools of hypnosis and coaching to rebuild her life in less than 3 months. She created FabYOUlicious 5 years ago and took her company from zero to 6 figures in less than 3 years, published two books and helped over 1000 clients reinvent themselves. Today, she helps strong women and brave men who have been bullied by life and are doubting their potential to change their patterns, heal family trauma and reconnect with the FabYOUlicious part of themselves so they can sculpt their life and manifest the success they desire.

Fab still sculpts sassy, sensuous and powerful beings. Today her medium can be clay but more often it is the mind and the soul of her clients.

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