Dear Life Transition Traveler

Does any of this resonate with you?

  • You are facing a heartbreak or are dealing with the aftermath of one
  • You feel like you have lost the control over your life 
  • You are overwhelmed and can't quiet the chatter in your heart and in your mind
  • You are afraid your life will never be the same and your go from fear to confused


This heartbreak can be a divorce, a breakup, the loss of a dear one or even facing a major personal or professional transition. Whatever the reason of this heartbreak you feel stuck.  You don't know how to get back up on your feet or if you can sustain any progress you make.

The result? You feel anxious and confused most of the time. It feels like your brain can't stop thinking and you get burnt out. You go back and forth between deep sadness and anger. You feel lost and don't know what to do to find relief. Your energy level is so low that you are not able to do the things you used to enjoy.

And all that erodes your self confidence in your ability to go with your day, get out of bed, face your professional life, take care of your kids or even be able to smile without crying.

You are not alone! We all had to face this moment where nothing makes sense anymore. This happens when what you thought would be your life is no more. And even when you pretend you're okay, you deeply feel your heart shattered in pieces.

But take it from me and my clients, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

with my "Heartbreak 911" program, you will be able to breathe again, smile again, be in charge of your life and make the decisions you need to make in order to move forward 

Some of my clients have experienced improvement in as little as a week, while others take several weeks and go through the exercises multiple times at their leisure.

Either way, just imagine not only being able to let go of the pain once and for all but actually feeling excited again by the future even though you may not know what this future holds.

Imagine what life will be like once you get back in control of your emotions, you have the energy to accomplish your daily activities and you get clarity about the financial and legal aspects of the situation.

Imagine your life once you replace fear, guilt, sadness and anxiety with peace, calm, joy and hope.

That's exactly what "Heartbreak 911" is designed to do for you.

In case we haven't met already, my name Fabienne Slama and people call me Fab. 

My company is called FabYOUlicious because if I am Fab, so are You and life is supposed to be a delicious experience.

My speciality? Empowering women (and special men) get their smile back after a major life transition and create the future they always wanted but never fully embraced. 

That's my niche but it's much more than that. Taking people from stuck and desperate to feeling alive and unstoppable is actually my calling. And as always there is often a story behind the passion.

From a very young age,  I had to experience the struggle of reinventing myself.


I had moved 20 times by the age of 18. Each year, I had to face loosing my friends and reinventing myself in a new environment.

In my late twenties, I became an expatriate and moved to the United States, leaving my parents, siblings and my career as a Biochemist behind. 

With the joy of having kids, came the struggle of major postpartum depression and the courage to redefine myself as a spouse and a stay at home mom since I couldn't work at the time. 

In my thirties, I had to experience the loss of many of my family members without the option of being there for them since I was living in another country.

In my forties, my husband of twenty years, the man I had moved to United States for, called me from his business trip to announce he was leaving me. 

People called me "Queen of Resilience" but in fact my core belief is and always was that life is too short to be sad longer than absolutely necessary.

I always choose JOY, how about you?

If you are also convinced that life is supposed to be delicious, and that heartbreak is a dark tunnel you have to walk through, then Heartbreak 911 will help you go through the hard time faster so you are able to come out resilient and ready to rebuild your life.


What do my clients say?

  • "I was broken and lost.... now I know that I am worthy again and believe there is joy out there for me."

  • "I have fired my therapist because I learned more by working with Fab in two months, than in two years of weekly therapy sessions." 

  • "I am confident that everything is going to be okay and I feel happier." 

  • "After working with Fab, I felt my brain had a spa! I felt refreshed and released from long time stress and anguish." 


In other words, you'll walk away from this program trusting that you will be okay and knowing that you can trust yourself to make the best choices for you.

So Let's Take a Look at Everything You'll Get
When You Invest in you by going through "Heartbreak 911"...



Your fully flexible program materials make it possible to access your online training whenever and wherever works best for you ... You can choose to move at your own pace or follow the daily emails that will guide you step after step, day after day.


Your Heartbreak 911 Online Program is 100% available from home or anywhere you are (Even on your iPad or cell phone). No need to hire baby sitters or take time away from work. Don't feel like talking to anyone? No worry, Heartbreak 911 Online Program is interactive but you can participate as much or as little as you want.


Do you want some extra support and become part of a community of people who have been in your shoes? You can at any point upgrade to Heartbreak 911 Group Program giving you access to a bi-monthly group coaching support. 


Those 3 components alone would help most of you to go from fallen down to moving on ...but you get even more than that with "Heartbreak 911".

You see, I've also added these 4 valuable bonuses:


Don't want to go thorough this journey alone? Access 24/7 your Heartbreak 911 private Facebook Group and share your challenges, experiences and victories


You'll love my I Want my Life Back!!! Discovery Session. You'll begin with a full analysis of what is still preventing you from moving forward. Then you will create you own vision of what would be the life of your dreams. Finally I will share with you my best insights to support you take the next step.  (retail value: $300). Only 5 sports available each month, so register now to claim your session.


You'll gain instant access to a 24/7/365 Online Portal where you can post your questions anytime for as long as this course is available, and get answers directly from me so you're never going through the process alone. As part of Heartbreak 911 Online Program, you will continue to have access to the full program for 30 extra days after your first month support and if you decide to upgrade to Heartbreak 911 Group Program, you will have full access to the program 6 month after your sign up time


I have interviewed some specialists as part of Heartbreak 911 and each of them was extremely generous. Enjoy their beautiful gifts and make this experience an even more complete one.


When you add up the support-related value of the bonuses, they're easily worth as much or more than the program itself...but if you act now you get them all for free!

Just think, isn't time to invest in your future? Today might be a tough day but it can also be the beginning of a new journey for you. You have been giving your heart, your love, your time, your energy. Today it's time to invest in you and reclaim your life back. 


Take your first step toward healing your heart, reclaim your power and reconstruct your life today
 for just one payment of $497


  • Regain control of your life
  • Calm down the chatter of your mind and find peace
  • Surround yourself with professionals to support you
  • Let go of what cannot be changed
  • Move forward toward your new future

What you will learn in this program will apply to today situation but will support you in future endeavors too.

...and remember this, once you've been able to move on once, you will feel stronger in the future knowing that you have the tools to support you in the ups and down of life

That means "Heartbreak 911" will increase your self confidence when it come to future relationships but also in every aspect of your life

...which is exactly what one of my clients, a lawyer, experienced:

She not only left an abusive relationship but also reconstructed her life in many levels. She became calmer and therefore is a better mom to her kids. She felt stronger and more energized therefore her boss gave her a promotion. She felt sexier and in charge of her destiny, therefore is now in a new loving and caring relationship.

At the end of the day, this is your opportunity to undeniably show yourself and the people around you that you are this strong, caring, generous person able to love herself first and be the master of her destiny .

But don't delay, because your I want my life back!!! discovery session gets booked on a first come, first served basis.

That means, the longer you wait to sign up, the longer you'll have to wait to get your personal questions answered one-on-one.


Here's how just one of my recent clients experienced getting her confidence back after her 27 marriage collapsed...

"Fab helped me manage my stress & anxiety through breathing and practical tools. I think the greatest improvement for me was when my family and close friends around me began noticing the changes in my life and my countenance. The love and self confidence I've gained for myself has been priceless."

L.A - El Secundo

I must admit, I feel proud when I get client endorsements like that...and I owe it all to the lessons and tools I discovered and assembled in "Heartbreak 911."

And to put your mind totally at ease, consider this:


Why the guarantee? Because it's important to me to remove all risk to you. That's why you have a full 5 days to try out the program.

Experience everything...and if it doesn't deliver the value you'd hoped, just let me know you're not satisfied and I'll refund your full amount, no questions asked.

(Just so you know, I feel perfectly confident giving you that guarantee because I know how much my clients tend to have their expectations exceeded by "Heartbreak 911"!)

So You Really Can’t Make a Mistake Investing In "Heartbreak 911"


But know this, whether you buy today or not, there's a cost either way:

  • If you invest in the program, for only $497 you get the best tools supporting you through this difficult time
  • You will get the clarity you need to move forward in your journey
  • You will feel more centered and more in control of your destiny
  • You will be more apt to face the ups and down for the months and years to come no matter what happens


...but if you don't invest in you today, there's the cost you'll pay in wasted time spent in feeling sorry for yourself with no sense of direction.  Not to mention all the energy spent needlessly going down the wrong path for you... frustrated when you you are alone night after night or when you choose a new partner that brings you back to the same time type of pattern and pain.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin


This is your moment to blossom.
This is your moment to trust you will be supported
– just by taking the first step now

All your dreams are out there right now waiting for you to live your life according to your best potential.

You owe it to your kids, your family, your coworkers, your clients, your bank account and more importantly to yourself. You owe you to get the tools you need to experience that transformation today.

Say Yes! I Want my Life Back!!!. Yes! I Deserve to Be Happy. I Want to Mend the pieces of my Heart Back together and Live my Best Life. 

Click the button right now and receive your emergency support right now so you can thank yourself later.

Don't Miss Out! Make the first step toward your future today. 
Sign up for Heartbreak 911!


I'm looking forward to talking to you day after day, supporting you every step of the way and  hearing how it feels to move on once and for all after heartbreak. 

Your Guide toward yourself

P.S. Remember, "Heartbreak 911" makes it easier and faster to move on after heartbreak and create a new possibility. There's no risk with my 100% money back guarantee...but the longer you wait, the longer you will feel the effects of the ups and down of life, the fear of the unknown and the overwhelming fatigue of not being in control of your life.



Won't I get better on my own? My friends tell me it just takes time

As much as your friends are right and times heal a lot of things, getting back on your feet after heartbreak will be faster and easier with this program. On top of that the tools you will learn as part of Heartbreak 911 will support you all along your life.

What is happening is not under my control, how can I feel better if I had no choice?

The situation may not have been under your control but you can control how you respond or react to it. You cannot change him or her but you can certainly feel calmer and more in charge of what's going on.

My kids are my priority. I don't care about the rest

The only way you can help your kids is by being the best you can be. If you are happy they will feel more supported.

What is included?

  • A daily email to take you to your program
  • A daily video to explain the day's subject 
  • A explanatory text 
  • A downloadable document, video or audio to support you in your journey
  • A reflexion exercise
  • An access to a support community through Facebook
  • A 1 hour one on one session to uncover any block and help you move to the next level

So what makes the program in "Heartbreak 911" so effective at creating the clarity I need to break through the hurt and fear I feel right now?

Heartbreak 911 will support you emotionally every step of the way in a moment when you feel vulnerable. It will help you find a better physical balance. And finally it will give you some clarity when it comes to the financial or legal aspect of a heartbreak.

What will my outcome be?

Within a month, if you follow the program and do the exercises, you should feel stronger, more grounded. You will know there is hope and feel more in control. You will be able to let go of what cannot be changed and will start visualizing other possibilities for the future

How do I know this is right for me?

I have been in your shoes. I know your pain and your concerns. I also helped hundred of clients in his same journey. Listen to your intuition. What is the cost of staying where you are right now versus trying this program.

How much time do I have to invest?

The program is designed to take a maximum of 30 minutes of your day. And if for some reason you cannot find those 30 minutes one day, you will have access to the full program during the full month and beyond.


Don't Miss Out...Heartbreak 911 now!

Register now and get...

  • A step-by-step process that will help you to go from falling down to moving on
  • Examples & templates so it's easy to answer your most practical questions
  • All the support you need from a 24/7 online Q&A portal and the community of member of this program
  • Bonus I Want my Life Back Session with me ($300 value) so you get personalized support
  • 100% risk free 5-day money back guarantee

...all for just one payment of $497. Click the "Yes! I want my emergency support now". Click on the Heartbreak 911  button now for INSTANT access!



Looking forward to seeing you join my other clients in getting your life back and creating a better future for yourself.