Is FabYOUlicious for you?

Is coaching for you? To know more give yourself 1-10 Points for each statement. From 1 point, I don't agree to 10 points, I fully agree

Issues Helped by Hypnosis
Confidence, Self Esteem
Victim of abuse
Chronic pain and illness
Weight Loss
Divorce, grief

  • I am ready to have balance in my life.

  • I am ready to learn about myself in order to grow.

  • I am ready to improve my relationships with others and myself.

  • I am ready to make change in my life.

  • I am ready to discover my life’s purpose.

  • I am ready to learn new ways to approach obstacles in my life.

  • I am ready to have more creativity and enjoyment in my life.

  • I am ready to produce goals and take action to achieve them.

  • I am ready to realize a sense of fulfillment at work and in my life.

  • I am ready to benefit from someone who will motivate me to be the person I can be.


Less than 25 points
Wonderful! You have it all going on! A coach may not be for you at this time.
25-50 points
You are almost there, you just need a boost! Coaching could help you see things in a different view and can help you develop a plan customized to you, designed to encourage balance in both your personal and business adventures.
More than 50 points
Congratulations! You are ready and willing to create the life that you desire. Please take a moment to contact us for an introductory coaching session to find out first hand what coaching can do for you. 

We value diversity and strongly encourage people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, non-binary, and other marginalized groups to apply. Where ever you come from, who ever you are, you are welcome.