From Falling Down to Moving On


From Falling Down to Moving On

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Going though a divorce? Feeling like you lost control over your life? Scared of the future?

6 month program  to let got of the fear and the stress and go back on your feet to move forward in your new life. Over 60 hour of personalized support.

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Fear? Depression? Loneliness? Guilt? Anger? only few of the feelings experienced during a divorce.

This is an extremely challenging time. Going though it, the two things that saved me were some deep self-work (emotional healing therapy, regression hypnotherapy, core energy coaching, trauma release...), and the support of real friends who could understand what this experience was about.

This 6 month program is for you and includes:

  • 12 sessions of one on one coaching (60 to 90 minute each depending on need) 
  • 12 sessions of group therapy over Skype  (90 minute each)
  • 6 sisterhood luncheons (90 minute each)
  • 2 emotional energy assessments (at the begining and at the end of the program)
  • 2 mediations designed according to your particular need
  • 3 emergency 30 minute sessions
  • unlimited emails
  • and more...