Lost? Undervalued? Overwhelmed? 

This 3 month program is for you, the ladies on the run who forget that they deserve the number one spot. Time to reconnect with your sexy, sassy, powerful self. Time to revive your number one relationship: the one you have with YOU.  

Today might be the day you start to change inside out and walk the path toward your FabYOUlous self.

  • You are a spouse, a mom, a friend, an executive, an employee. How do you get to be you?
  • What has been preventing you from living your dream?
  • What are the tools that will take you from stressed to peaceful in a few minutes?
  • How to create the blueprint to make your life more exciting and put it into action.
  • How good enough is good, however you are allowed to want, and can achieve greatness.
  • How to keep or leave a relationship in the middle of your own change.
  • Happy, sensuous, strong, and smart: Get you through any life’s transition with a smile.
  • How to feel and look sexy at forty, fifty, and beyond.

Fabienne is the author of Renaissance Woman: A feminine midlife crisis from loss of identity to rebirth.

This program 3-month program includes:

  • 3 group coaching in person (3 hour each): art therapy, relooking therapy, breakthrough coaching 
  • 3 group session on Skype (90 min each)
  • 3 copies of the book Renaissance Woman
  • Access to Renaissance Woman- the workbook
  • 1 energy leadership assessment
  • Access to a very private Facebook group 
  • and so much more...