Your Recipe of Success

Cook in a Clean Caldron

Eliminate your old patterns and limiting beliefs.

Mix your Main Ingredients 

  • Find balance 

  • Raise your energy 

  • Create your affirmation 

  • Manifest your goals

Let Simmer and Add…

  • A pinch of Intuition

  • A dash of Trust 

  • A sliver of Dare

  • A strong dose of Commitment

Cooking Time : 5 weeks
Active Cooking Time: 90 min per week

The Recipe of Success is a 5 weeks program to enjoy from the comfort of Home. 
It’s a community of think alike people who know they are meant to make a difference.
Receive practical tools and experience breakthrough learning and create the Success you always wanted. 

For Intuitive & Caring Professionals:

  • Do you know you are meant to make a difference on this planet?

  • Have you been helping or inspiring others since your were a kid? 

  • Would you like to live your purpose and be successful in your mission while making enough money and enjoying a balanced personal life?

Be ready for the Recipe of Success. A recipe built on a foundation of self esteem, a clear vision and some fearless commitment.

Success is more than money. 

It is financial abundance with a deep sense of fulfillment and a balanced life. 
It is knowing how to create the ups but also how to navigate the downs.
It is waking up every day feeling peaceful, resourceful, energized and free to be you.

You might be aware of blocks and limiting beliefs preventing you from enjoying this type of success. Some of them are external but what about those messages that might run in your head:
… I have kids, family, job etc… to take care of.
… I need to make money fist. I can’t spend time doing something I enjoy.
… I’m tired of trying and failing.
… I’m not good enough.
… I too tired and I don’t even know what I want.

Time to let go of those bitter tastes and sweeten your vision. Time to create your own special recipe of success. Plenty of money simmered for over 10 hours with life, love and laughs. And don’t forget to spice it up with a dash of fun before enjoying with no moderation with new friends...

The Recipe of Success put emphasis on

  • Letting go of blocks and limiting beliefs at the conscious AND subconscious level.

  • Establishing work/life balance.

  • Making choices in agreement with your heart, your gut and head.

  • Moving beyond any glass ceiling and surf the ups and down of your success journey.

The Recipe of Success allows you to

  • Gain awareness about your behavior in positive and challenging time.

  • Learn life changing tools to create permanent transformation.

  • Create a road map that you can use in any area of your life.

The Recipe of Success is

  • 5 x 90 minutes of conference on Zoom.

  • A recording of each session of each session in case you can’t make it.

  • Access to a group of positive minded professionals like you (limited to 20 people).

  • 1 private session with Dr. Fabienne Slama

Cost:  $397 Results: Priceless

Join us for sweet training with a French accent and a feel good spirit. Enjoy from the comfort of your home with a glass of champagne or your favorite water.