One on One VIP Program

Chose the One on One Program that will fit your need. From Breakthrough to FabYOUlicious.
Schedule a Getting Unstuck Discovery Session to identify which program is the best for you.


Breakthrough (1 month)

Address a specific issue and create a rapid transformation
… VIP Half Day (3 hours) to Identifying blocks, fears and patterns 
… A 60 minutes session one month later to create an affirmation to support you as you’re moving forward 
… Weekly check in by text or email during the month between sessions 


Clarity (3 months)

Get clear about blocks keeping you stuck. Raise your energy. Find balance.
… Identify repeating pattern, block or limiting belief keeping you stuck
… Clarify your vision
… Lower anxiety, find a sense of renewed energy
… Star moving forward and take action
… Create an affirmation to support you as you keep progressing toward your goal


Rebirth (6 months)

Access the success you desire. Grow your dreams
… Identify repeating pattern, block or limiting belief keeping you stuck
… Let go of any sadness, resentment, anger and guilty feelings through coaching and hypnosis
… Reconnect with your inner-child and you inner-wisdom to express your genius
… Create an action plan and affirmation. See how it evolves as you keep moving forward
A balance of subconscious and strategic approach


FabYoulicious (1 year)

Ready to reinvent yourself from the the ground up?
This one year program is for you if you have been through a major life change and you are ready to reinvent yourself emotionally, spiritually, professionally …

Includes everything from previous programs to work on your life balance at home and at work.
Learn tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your life to face any type of challenges

A total transformation with almost unlimited support.