Core Energy Coaching


FabYOUlicious follows the principles of Core Energy Coaching. It is a collaboration between the client and the coach where the coach helps the client to manage, and ultimately thrive, in the face of change. A Core Energy Coach challenges people to recognize what they really want to focus on this goal, and break through what is holding them back from their success.
Coaching is a partnership between the client and myself to allow the client to accept their past, look at their present, define their aspirations and goals in life and use this information and coaching technique to help the client create the best future they can envision.

Modified Consciousness - Hypnosis


One of the tools I would use to create significant shifts is Hypnosis or to be more precise Modified Consciousness Healing.  During a session, you will be in a state similar to meditation allowing you to access feelings and sensations you may have forgotten. You will be able to release stresses and trauma at a deeper level with or without remembering the details of that trauma at a conscious level. The sessions are specifically designed to address your own needs and go at your own speed. Most of my clients don't even realize they are in a state of hypnosis and can go in and out of this state seamlessly. 
Modified Consciousness Healing creates changes that your conscious, but also your subconscious, agree on making them more sustainable. 

Emotional Healing 


Emotional Healing is a combination of regression hypnotherapy, coaching,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),  TRE (Trauma Release Exercise), perfect affirmation, mediation and energy healing... 

My goal is to help you discover your highest potential as an individual, in relationships, with your family and at work. It is to help you let go of any emotional block or limiting belief and emotionally to find your inner purpose and passion. It is to find the strategies to get sustainable results toward this goal.

Modified Consciousness Healing allows my clients to work at the subconscious level, the feeling mind.
Core Energy Coaching allows them to work at the conscious level, the thinking mind.
Together those techniques help my clients first regain control over their life. It helps them release the emotion linked to present traumas but also from past traumas, from early childhood to present.  It allows them to connect with their personal magical power and create what I call their FabYOUlicious Life.