Thank you for your referrals.

It has been a pleasure supporting you work toward your goals.

Fab is a wonderful life coach and very caring. I've been working with her for about a year and feel that my life is so much better for it.  I feel that she is very wise in her suggestions and provides so much insight into the human psyche.  She checks on me regularly and always has great ideas on how to address various issues that come up in my life _ Alissa


Fab is absolutely the best!!! I have met her at a time where I was transitioning marital status. Going though a divorce is never easy (No one ever says "yeah, that was a blast!!!). And many "friends" will take sides,  or will forget to just do the little things that mean so much. Fab is not only an incredible Life coach and counselor, she is thoughtful, she checks on you. She shows passion and devotion through her profession. Is it because she's just genuinely a kind person, or maybe because her personal life experience has given her additional tools for understanding others on a different level? I think a bit of both. Thank you for the bottom of my heart Fab for doing what you do and for caring!!! _ Agnes


Faby is an endearing woman with a heart of gold who really wants to help others move through challenges and rise to the occasion. She is talented beyond words, an intellect, a motivator, a spokeswoman, an author, a sculptor among many things, but this Savvy, in-the-know woman has and continues to earn the respect, trust and love of many for her life coaching skills.  Open ears, open arms....she is on your side and will help You to stay on your side and in your best path. 5 STARS I say, sans reservation _ Jen


Fab is not a life coach who just seat and listen to you with no emotion on face. She s like a soulmate who touches your heart and feel you. Her alive and positive vibe, arty environment and style make you feel great. I had some anger issues, couldn't control my emotions. She literally taught me how to let things go and don't stuck on them. I had very nice experience and now so glad that i made one more good friend who always ready to listen and give good advices. _ Afag


It is amazing what a shift you can get in just one session when it is with someone as experienced and gifted as Fab.  I had been struggling with an emotional block--going over and over it in my head.  Fab's guiding me through using my intuition and connecting with my inner wisdom allowed me to get insights into why I have been the way I have been and who I am at my core.  I walked away feeling freer and lighter--quite literally twirling--and most importantly more myself. _ Elisabeth


Fab is a wonderful life coach and very caring. I've been working with her for about a year and feel that my life is so much better for it.  I feel that she is very wise in her suggestions and provides so much insight into the human psyche.  She checks on me regularly and always has great ideas on how to address various issues that come up in my life. _ Luba


I couldn't be more excited to share this review with "you" :)) I started working with Fabienne Slama due to my marital problems and feeling unworthy, I also didn't know how to draw healthy boundaries as a mother and ultimately learn what it truly means to love and care for myself. Fab helped me learn how to see my husband through a new positive set of lens & reconnect with him intimately, she's helped me manage my stress & anxiety through breathing and the practical tools she mentions in her Amazing book: Renaissance woman. I think the greatest improvement for me was when my family and close friends around me began noticing the changes in my life and my countenance. The love and self confidence I've gained for myself has been priceless. 

No matter your circumstance or struggle -- anger, depression, lack of confidence at home or in the work place don't hesitate to reach out. Fab has been such a beautiful gift: inside and out. Her heart is for people. She's more than a coach, she's relatable and real with you and she's committed to seeing you surpass your own achievements. 

I will miss her, I can't recommend her enough. Don't wait another moment call her straight away her schedule sure feels up fast!

To the new You. With lots of love. _ L.A.


I met with Fab to work out some personal problems I was experiencing that had me feeling blue... It was amazing how quickly the issue was brought to my attention... It turned out something else was the actual issue- and hypnosis got to the root of the problem. In only one session, I was able to identify my issue and have an opportunity to discuss it with Fab. I believe without the hypnosis experience with Fab, I would have still been dealing with lingering negative feelings... In a cloud of confusion. I am grateful for the experience and it has ushered me into a new era of positivity and clarity _ Lisa


After my session with Fabienne, I felt like my brain had a spa! I felt fresh and released of a stress and anguish I had no idea I had. Amazing. She has a very soothing voice and a powerful strength of helping you putting your feelings into words. She is reading you in a deep way, understanding your problem and helping you visualizing your issues. I can highly recommend her professional help. _ Laurence 

I have worked with Fabienne for over a year. She is an extraordinary coach who is adept at understanding her client's needs. Working with Fabienne  I was able to successfully accomplish both professional and personal goals. I can highly recommend her coaching skills. _ Linda 

Fabienne helped me clarify my thoughts and make decisions in an important area of my life. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I feel grateful to have her help. _ C. - Teacher 


I have been coached by Fabienne recently on a professional issue. I didn't know how to get my business back in track and felt lost.
She listened to me and guided me with calm and empathy to find out what were the next step to move forward.
Her coaching helped me to redefine what I wanted to do and gave me the strength do actually do it.
I look forward to working with her again and will recommend her to my friends. _
E., Interior designer, Los Altos 


My name is Agnes, married for seventeen years, divorced with 2 children 24 and 22. 
I contacted Fabienne in December 2012 after separating from my 10-year partner. It was not easy to bounce back and make the right choices. In January 2013 everything started to fall apart. My professional life is at it’s lowest, my sentimental life is terrible, no income, no house… nothing. 
I started coaching with Fabienne over the phone since I am in France and her in the US. We met 2 to 3 times a week at first. Within 3 weeks she managed to free me from my emotional and physical suffering. With a strong sense of empathy, with softness and firmness at the same time, with honesty and subtlety to make me understand that the answer will come from within myself and myself alone. 
With her experience she taught me to believe in myself, to be a person who had the right to live and be happy and that this choice was only depending on my way to look at the situation. 
She was also my professional coach to help me reach my objectives. I would have needed months of psychological therapy to get me out of this black hole, but she made miracles within weeks!!! She allowed me to save my very precious time. 
The technic she uses is very powerful, apparently simple but more efficient than anything else. I had in the past the opportunity to work with a classically trained therapist and I can tell that today she saved me. 
Today I am a new person, calm, focused, who know what she wants, who use the technic she taught me daily when necessary. My family, my children saw me change, get transformed and this new approach to my life is inspiring to many people around me.
 _ Agnes, Independent Distributor, France